Friday, August 29, 2014

Icons It Is

Okay, I've decided. If I ever get around to kicking off this campaign, I'll use Icons. Much as I love Marvel SAGA, I think this is one that I and everyone else will grok faster. It has other benefits, like being easy to get ahold of, too. (I was wrong about the PDF before. That was an older edition. Here's the current PDF version.) It almost feels like a modernized version of the old SAGA game, anyway.

Like I said before, I'm leaning towards the Beta City setting. No firm decisions on that point, though.

Even if there's no campaign, I'll probably use this to run some superhero stories at conventions. I'm thinking I've finally found the system I need to bring the Micronauts to life, for one thing. Had been thinking Vortex, but, while I'm sure I could make that work too, Micronauts was always closer to super-hero than sci-fi.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Or Maybe This

Picked this up at Gen Con and thinking of going with it instead of Marvel SAGA. It's looking like a fun system. It's also more readily available (free-or-whatever PDF from DriveThruRPG or print from Green Ronin) Hopefully the print version will eventually be available through retailers like Amazon, too. The 6x9-ish hardcover is pretty nifty.
I'm also thinking of setting the campaign in my own version of the POWerful Tales universe instead of the Marvel one, although I will no doubt steal plenty of Marvel material as it progresses. Here's a little bit about Beta City.

Nothing's set in stone yet, though.