Supporting Cast

Winifred "Winnie" Amanda
The Scrap Pile's publicist.

Blue Shift
Blue Shift is a rogue but mostly well-intentioned superhero who leads a group of armored troops called Ultra. Her powers involve spatial distortion, and she has demonstrated that she has the ability to travel across universes on her own.

Captain Scrappy
Liberated from a feeble childhood by a super-soy nutritional supplement, Captain Scrappy cheerfully fights crime and does his best to set a sterling example of what a super-hero should be. Tom played Captain Scrappy in the first two sessions, but has since moved on to another character.

Mister Chompers
Land Shark's fin-wearing pug is mostly unremarkable, but Disco and Nimble have both heard him telepathically order them to kill.

Chromaticat, sometimes called Rainbow Kitty, is a teleporting cat with light powers.

Citrus Shocker
Citrus Shocker
Leader of the Tripod City Scrap Pile, Citrus Shocker has frequently helped the team out with tech support and space costumes and stuff.

Fire of Saturn
A fire & ice tech hero with a shady past, Fire of Saturn worked for the Lizard Moll before sort of joining the Scrap Pile.

Freefall Brawler
A member of the Scrap Pile's space-based team, Orbital Scrap, who helped the team out against Deathbird and the Azrak cult.

The unfrozen caveman lawyer hired on retainer as team counsel by Karl Caravel.

The Scrap Pile met Kilroy in the 80sVerse, and then encountered him again leading robot soldiers against Warmaster Qth-raq's army. He's a rock star turned rebel with sonic absorption powers.

Torpedo's girlfriend who works in the aquarium shop above the base. Also, does magic stuff, but not a super-hero.
Another member of Orbital Scrap, she had sparkly solid light powers.

Zombie Lizard Moll
(but don't say the Z-word to her face)  Although definitely a criminal, the Lizard Moll often works with super-heroes, partly because one of her associates, Firetemple, is so chummy with them. Lizard Moll was once the wife of crime boss Joe Cassanelli, now known as the NecroDon. In retaliation for a number of imagined crimes (and for liking a stand-up comic who made fun of him) Joe subjected his wife to terrible experiments that transformed her into an acid-breathing undead lizard creature. Rather than be destroyed by this trauma, she went on to found her own criminal enterprise and is now considered NecroDon's equal by the underworld of Lightfoot Island.

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