Monday, March 14, 2016

Torpedo Tubes

As Topedo was fidgeting with the reactor controls, an alarm suddenly went off. Light shimmered around him and he vanished. The screen said, "Unauthorized Access Detected: Intruder Transported to Containment 3."

The team considered their options for a bit, and then heard clicking and scuttling noises outside. Land Shark peeked around the corner and was shot in the face by a rocket lance. There were two bug people crawling around outside. They had trouble hitting the bugs at first, but Magi came up with a way to split his fire blast into a bunch of tiny blasts to get them to hop right into the path of Land Shark's fists.

Making their way up to "Containment 3," the team found a man(ish) in a weird techno-Egyptian outfit working at the controls of a bank of cyrogenic tanks, two of which were occupied. Magi remembered stories from Dimension Q in which beings like this were responsible for something similar to Earth's alien abduction phenomenon. They first attempted to chat him up, discovering when he turned around that his face was nothing but blank silvery skin. Magi toyed with the idea that this might be an enemy of Qth-raq and therefore a potential friend.

Eventually, Disco made a grab for the module around his waist and its large greenish stone. The creature fended him off with an energy shield and responded by blasting him with green energy. While he was doing that, Land Shark decked him and knocked him out, after which he vanished in a silvery mist. Disco lamented the lost opportunity to pick up a piece of glowy bling.

Opening the tubes, they found Torpedo and a beat-up rook (still in armor, but wingless) from Dimension Q who offered to help them out in exchange for freeing him. After a few stammers, possibly owing to his recent defrosting, the rook introduced himself as "R'yl."