Much of the text below is from the introduction to Pow!erful Tales, giving some of the history of the superhero capital of the world:

In Beta City, May 26th is always a day of remembrance, even when Memorial Day falls elsewhere for the rest of the United States. In Beta City, May 26th is always Flood Day.

On that day in 2001, Lake Erie unexpectedly flooded. Somehow the shallowest of the Great Lakes permanently overflowed its banks, inundating the city of Cleveland and much of northern Ohio. Oh, and Ontario. Thousands perished in the flood and its aftermath. The disaster was never fully explained; theories varied from freak seiches to terrorist attacks to a karmic comeuppance for pollution. Eventually, the scientific community agreed that some kind of heretofore unknown seismic event caused the lake’s expansion.

The cataclysm left a much larger, deeper lake encompassing both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, dotted with mysterious islands. This new body of water is known as Lake Mohawk. Ontario was decimated, becoming a wasteland plagued by mutant ocelots and ruled by discount prescription warlords and criminal syndicates. The portion of Cleveland remaining above water became known as Lightfoot Island. Camp Beta, built on the shores of Lake Mohawk as a temporary shelter for refugees, quickly became the permanent settlement now known as Beta City.

The original article is at, but what you see here gives you most of what it has to say about the city itself.

Beta City
Beta City sits on the shores of Lake Mohawk (post-cataclysmic Lake Erie) near where the city of Cleveland once stood. Beta City today is a thriving high-tech metropolis, larger and far more prosperous than Cleveland at its pre-flood size.

Dimension Q
This is an alternate reality in which Earth is largely under the control of Warmaster Qth-raq's military government. The technology, a fusion of magical and scientific principles, is centuries ahead of Beta City's Earth.

Lake Mohawk
The new lake consisting of Lake Erie merged with Lake Ontario. Strangly, Lake Mohawk is much deeper than either of its predecessors, and dotted with strange islands.

Lightfoot Island
Lightfoot Island is what's left of Cleveland after Flood Day. It survives as a port where less than wholesome goods are traded. The Lizard Moll's gang is headquartered here in the old Weatherhead building, the bizarre construction of which makes it perfect for her occult experiments.

Subspace is the space between universes, an infinite void where people don't need to breathe. It is always accessed in outer space because any object with a large gravity well, like the Earth or even the Moon, would tear travelers apart. This is because of the way gravity from the material universe interacts with Subspace and because the bodies of visitors become adapted to occupy hyperspatial dimensions. Subspace is peppered with asteroids, many of which are occupied by strange and deadly life forms that have found their way here from material space and somehow managed to survive. Orbiting closer to the deadly echo of Earth (and, presumably, other bodies with a gravity field strong enough to reach into Subspace) is a belt of xenoliths, transdimensional stone extrusions of other realities. These can serve as portals into those universes. 

Tripod City
A more "traditional" Rust Belt town to the east of Beta City, encompassing much of what used to be Akron and Canton.

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