The Heroes

The Comet
(B Team) Grandson of the original Comet. The Comet was one of the earliest superheros who vanished mysteriously many years ago. Upon learning his heritage -the original Comet left lots of illegitimate Comet-Bastards behind- he also discovered that the original Comet's family had slowly vanished as well. To unravel this mystery, his boyfriend convinced him to embrace his heritage and become The All New All Different Comet!

This flamboyantly gay hero dresses in shiny white spandex with a brightly colored jacket. He's not vicious or malicious, just de-lovely and delicious. His light control powers manifest as a searing rainbow aura, a dazzle-blast, and an emotion-controlling lightshow. He also has the ability to change into his super-hero costume and back by spinning around like a top.

Ghost Lad
(B Team) Wealthy celebrity super-hero with martial arts skills, intangibility/invisibility powers, and move star good looks.

Grave Grizzly 
(B Team) (Often called Grave Bear by mistake.) Lucas Parker was a successful stand-up comic who went to all the best parties (which is how he knows Ghost Lad) until he started doing jokes about Joe Cassanelli, The NecroDon. Worse, Cassanelli's wife, Irma, thought the routine was hilarious. One day, the NecroDon couldn't take it anymore. He abducted Lucas and subjected him to a number of dangerous magical and mad science experiments. (He would later do the same to Irma, turning her into his future rival, Zombie Lizard Moll.) Lucas grew a mostly pointless coat of fur, then dropped dead, but Cassanelli wasn't finished, so he reanimated him. Eventually, the NecroDon went too far, accidentally giving Lucas the power to grow larger than the building and escape.

Land Shark
Land Shark has amazing powers over earth and stone, which he mostly uses to tunnel through the ground at sixty miles per hour and make a mess of roads and buildings. He wears a fin on his head and is fond of old monster movies.

Known as "the magical mechanic," Magi is well aware that his name is plural. His power comes from a weird tech suit that he captured when his parents were killed by invaders from Dimension Q. When not fighting crime, he is something of a recluse, known by the few who see him for his eccentric habits.

Nimble, formerly known as Dancing Queen, is Disco's sister. She's a bit more, uh, normal, than most of the Scrap Pile members, with a family and all that. She has speed powers and is pretty strong. Here's a link to her picture.

Pork Chop
(B Team) A semi-reformed villain who used to hang out with The Angry Beet, Pork Chop looks kinda like Walton Goggins. He's tough and an excellent hand-to-hand fighter.

Professor Hemm
A multiverse-exploring sorcerer who, when injured or possibly for other reasons, turns into the rhyming, unpredictable creature known as The Goblin. His hair is white with a red streak, but otherwise he seems pretty normal.

The Torpedo
Or, "Torpedo: The Atlantean" - Dorian Chalice is a pet store owner. He specializes in aquariums, and his love is salt-water fish. One day while he was working on a special tank for the Beta City Aquarium for sea turtles, his g/f, Morgana Flint, a psychic and tarot card reader, dropped a psychically-charged crystal into it. He has since been the vessel of the Last Prince of Atlantis. Underwater, he has super strength and can swim really fast. On land, he can transform into magma. A tall red-headed man in his early 30s, he wears a hunter green surfer's body suit with orange trimming. The orange design on his torso forms a Trident pointed upward.

Captain Scrappy
Technically supporting cast, but Tom played him in the first couple of sessions.

Cpt. Scrappy

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