Back Issues

  • The Prosperity Problem: Captain Scrappy brings Magi and Land Shark together to investigate the theft of equipment captured from super-villains.
  • Diverted by Deathbird: The team fights Deathbird, who not only escapes, but succeeds in distracting them from the heist.
  • If Fish Could Talk: Magi and Land Shark are joined by Torpedo, and pursue Deathbird's henchmen across Lake Mohawk to a smugglers' base owned by the Unbeholden.
  • Oh, What a Night: Disco joins the team. They attempt an undercover operation to find out about the smuggling going on at Wentworth's but end up trashing the place in a fight with Tar Pit and Putty.
  • Everybody Loves Land Shark: The team goes after the Unbeholden in their base on the far side of Lake Mohawk. They fight Sarana and Erith, who both escape. They capture The Clown and take home some of his journals.
  • Disco Inferno: Following clues from The Clown's notes, the team investigates a town in Ontario that was culled by Sarana. They also construct a proper base and help Magi break his addiction to the Azrak gauntlet.
  • Purple Rain: A transformed super-villain and a prison break-out lead the Scrap Pile to Covenant, a mysterious villain whose convoluted plans will continue to plague them for some time.
  • Mayhem on Mount Galahad: Investigating inter-dimensional rifts at a state park, the team encounters a pair of Covenant's new henchmen, along with shape-shifting alien wraith dogs and ebon-armored soldiers from Dimension Q. Magi cannibalizes some captured equipment to build a dimension-travel gadget.
  • Groove Is in the Heart: The Scrap Pile launches into space to talk to some techno-psychics about Dimension Q. They fight alongside Freefall Brawler and Starbryte against Deathbird, Gamma, and a bunch more Gauntlets, then are surprised when Baron Karza appears and hurls them into Subspace.
  • Sideways Through Subspace: In the strange between-worlds realm of Subspace, Magi, Land Shark, and Disco meet Professor Hemm, an inter-dimensional traveler who agrees to act as their guide. They fight some weird aliens and eventually find their way to Dimension Q.
  • Earthlings on Fire: In Dimension Q, the heroes find themselves in the middle of a war between Qth-raq's troops and soldiers from the Styxverse. They also meet Blue Shift, a guerilla fighter who claims to have been sent by the US government. Magi refuses to accept an alliance with his old enemy Qth-raq, and chaos ensues.
  • Putting Out the Fire (With Gasoline): After some bitter in-fighting, everyone managed to pull together and stop the war they had been maneuvered into waging. All they had to do now was shut down the nexus that was going to drain the energy of that inter-dimensional war.
  • Deathwing!: In the course of shutting down the nexus, the team fights Deathwing and discovers that Professor Hemm sometimes transforms into The Goblin.
  • The Easy Part: Reunited with Torpedo in their home dimension, the heroes fight their way through aliens and re-engineered humans to the heart of Karza's space station.
  • Torpedo Tubes: Torpedo gets nabbed by a security system and the others rescue him, fighting a Pharoid in the process. They also rescue a Dimension Q soldier called R'yl, who helps them.
  • In the End, There Will Always Be Karza: Finally, the Scrap Pile confronts Baron Karza and puts an end to his plan to bring something out of the Bright Cosmos which would inevitably destroy the Earth. R'yl turns out to be Qth-raq in disguise. He's marooned on Earth and recruited by the Unbeholden.
  • The Man Who Sold the World: Karl Caravel accidentally sells Earth to an otherworldly devourer. The Headmen and Nebulon are involved.
  • One Microscopic Cog: The heroes discover that a group of rival heroes, The North Coast Guardians, had most likely been brainwashed by Covenant's "Smoking Mirror" program. Remember Covenant? They also found out about Warmaster Qth-raq, fought Gamma, and had Mexican carry-out.
  • Day of the Dastards: The Scrap Pilers masquerade as villains in order to ambush the Angry Beet's prison transport so they can use him to infiltrate the North Coast Guardians.
  • The B Team: Ghost Lad, Comet, Grave Bear, and Pork Chop infiltrate the Guardians' processing facility and find an antron hive. After being chased out by super-humans and cyborgs, they do a favor for the Lizard Moll to gain the services of a hacker.
  • Let's Go Crazy: The team finds out more about how the Smoking Mirror works. In order to fill in the blanks, Disco charms some more information out of the lab manager, who turns out to be a mad scientist who's into re-animating celebrities with hydraulic pumps.
  • Assault on IT: Double-Sized Anniversary Special! More heroes! More villains! Plus Psyclone, the Scrap Pile's newest member!
  • We Got the Beet: Part Two of the Anniversary Special
  • Working at the Car Wash: The team returns home from their ordeal (see Giant Size Scrap Pile #3), investigates a brain stealing operation, and meets Rainbow Kitty.
  • Rapture: Tracking the brain thefts back to Corrosive Soul's hideout in the abandoned Cassanelli mansion, they find that she's only one part of a larger cabal known as Rapture. Then a giant monster attacks the city!
  • Rampage: The Scrap Pile rescues the B Team, takes down the giant lava hornet possessed by Dirge, and saves most of Lightfoot Island.
  • Octopus's Garden: The team goes to Atlantis and ends up defending the city of the Proteans from Aquatherm and his armored raiders.   
  • Banging the Walls: Harvey Wallbanger sees something weird in Christmasland and rescues the Scrap Pile from Dirge's weird undersea mutants.
  • Back on the B Side: The B Team rescues Ghost Lad from Techmaster, Corrosive Soul, and the Man-Wolf. Disco's sister Nimble is introduced. The mystery of Mr. Chompers deepens.
  • Fear and Loathing in Atlantis: Scrap Pile versus Dirge!
  • Welcome Back, Scrap Pile: The betrayal of Mister Chompers! Also Blastaar and a trip to Free Buffalo for drinks. 
  • The Origin of Mister Chompers: Robots! Flashbacks! Porn! Demons! More robots! This one has it all (and in some cases I wish it didn't)!

  • Candygram: Disco and Landshark track down the source of the dangerous new super-drug, MUT-8 and destroy the Scrapjet.
  • Repercussions: Magi returns to lecture Disco and accidentally brings some antrons with him. Also, the team loses an old member and gains a new one!
  • Sex and Candy: The Scrap Pile versus Achy Breaky Hart, Careless Whisper, and Black Hole Sun. Plus, who is the mysterious Rayve?

Also, there's a page that's just all the write-ups in reverse order.

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