Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Easy Part

After arriving in the airlock of Karza's space station, Magi, Land Shark, and Disco were surprised to see a ship docking, carrying none other than Torpedo.

Moving on, they found that the corridors beyond were coated with webbing. After some prodding, four insect-like dudes with rocket lances came skittering down the corridor at them. The creatures were very agile and hard to hit, but eventually went down.

One of them kept a rocket lance. I think it was Land Shark. They also found the tattered remains of uniforms belonging to station personnel and discussed whether this meant they ate the crew or they were the crew. In any case, they had the unconscious insectoids taken back to the ship for further study.

Moving towards the middle, they were intercepted by a group of Gauntlet soldiers (like the ones they ran into a long time ago). Disco tried to calm them into sleepytime with a light show, but their gauntlets injected stimulants and kept them going. Another exhausting fight later, the Scrap Pile moved on.

In the station's core module, they found a large central shaft going up and down with bridges and an elevator. Also, several indentations along the core housed skeletons wired to ESP units. They decided to head for the main power plant to see if Karza had done anything to it, and possibly to do something themselves. They were met by a humanoid who only identified himself as "Hunter Unit #5" and seemed to be made of melted wax interspersed with cables and funky tech implants.

The Hunter Unit proved difficult to harm, and was also able to reconfigure his tech components to give himself new powers. Luckily, the sonic device that he tried to use to take them all out at once was similar to some undersea noises to which Torpedo had a resistance. Magi was injured in the fight and lost consciousness, but eventually the gloppy, difficult-to-hurt guardian fell.

Examining the reactor controls, the team was unable to find any sign that Karza had tampered with it. Everyone was battered and Magi was still out cold. They discussed some possibilities and that's where we left it.


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    1. It kind of surprised me when I realized that I had used three different artists here and none of them were Michael Golden. :-)