The Villains

Armored undersea mercenary with water control and energy absorption powers. Leads a squad of high-tech goons.

The Clown
The Unbeholden's resident mad scientist is also an exile from the Court of the Rakshasa King, although he refuses to explain what that means or why he, Sarana, and Erith were exiled. He's also a technological genius who can assemble deadly gadgets from spare parts in minutes. And he's a lunatic who wears clown makeup for no discernible reason, although he flies into a rage at any suggestion that it has anything to do with the Joker.

First introducing himself as the seemingly-helpful Doctor Concord, Covenant has manipulated both the heroes and several victims of the Azrak cult into serving his ends. What those ends are remains to be seen. He does seem to be keenly interested in inter-dimensional travel and something called the Bright Cosmos. Covenant has a number of "sufficiently advanced" technological abilities. He has been known to teleport, soak up significant amounts of damage and control emotions.oker.

Corrosive Soul
Corrosive Soul is a demon who assembled her physical body from corpse parts and machinery. She has mind control, hellfire, and demon-conjuring powers at the least. She appears to be the head of a cult called Rapture.

David S. Pumpkins
He was just a character in Pilgrim's Rest, the miniature town Qth-raq and Dr. Righteous created to redeem Disco and torture Magi. Or was he?

The apparent leader of a group of armored villains raiding villain-tech storage facilities in Beta City, Deathbird has a mostly human appearance, but with a feathered crest instead of hair, and bird wings with razor-sharp feather-tips. At a distance, she attacked with metal javelins that seemed to grow out of nothing in her hands. In addition to what you see in the picture, Deathbird has fine metallic circuit tracings all over her costume, particularly around the waist, where there appears to be some sort of control panel. She also has bird-like claws projecting from her boots. Whether these were attachments or her actual feet was hard to tell.

She speaks in a harsh, clipped accent and is particularly outspoken concerning her own skill at aerial combat. To be fair, she has a point. In their first encounter, the team was barely able to lay a glove on her. She was injured only by a block of earth hurled by Land Shark. The same giant block of stone left a gaping hole in the street, knocked Captain Scrappy into an apartment building, and destroyed the local Elk's Club lodge.

Beyond her affiliation with the tech raiders and Scorpion's claim that she was one of his benefactors, little is known of Deathbird's background.

A demon conjured by members of Rapture. He was responsible for turning Techmaster's hornetroid into a giant lava monster and threatened to destroy Atlantis.

A member of the Unbeholden and, according to the Clown, another exile from the Rakshasa Court, Erith is a big guy with superhuman strength, glowing red armor, and the power to absorb and re-transmit heat at close range. His skin is dark red and he has black tattoo patterns around his eyes. His loyalty to Sarana appears to be strong enough that it even came into play while Disco was brainwashing him.

Doctor Gold
Met first as Dr. Flavia Gold, a scientist for IT with a fondness for reanimating celebrities. She turned out to be an alien of the same species as Nebulon.

Ghost Lad's friend, John Jameson, has been turned into a werewolf by Rapture.

Joe Cassanelli is one of the top crime bosses on Lightfoot Island. He's also an undead sorcerer and enthusiastic patron of the mad sciences. 

Plague Dog
This besitial villain is believed to be a high-ranking member of the Unbeholden's theft and smuggling operations.  He was found on an island in Lake Mohawk, supervising the unloading of goods stolen from the supervillain equipment warehouse in Beta City.

Little is known of his powers at this point. It has become clear that the one the Scrap Pile previously arrested was, in fact, only one of many similar-looking Mutts. Since his capture and transfer to Gladstone Pits, this Mutt has refused to say anything to the police, beyond a few sinister growls.

In her default form, Putty wears a fairly simple white and green costume. She is, however, an accomplished shape-shifter, able to not only assume humanoid forms, but also stretch and copy the powers of other super-humans. Putty apparently works for the Unbeholden.

Another exile from the Court of the Rakshasa King, Sarana is a slender, dark-haired woman with a star-shaped tattoo around her left eye. Her primary weapon is a short katana-like sword, but she also carries knives and other small weapons. She possesses superhuman speed and perhaps some sort of stealth power.

Tar Pit
(Tar Pit was almost entirely taken from The Villainomicon. You should buy it in PDF or print.) Tar Pit looks like a big lumpy humanoid made of tar. He is able to morph and stretch his sludgy form in a variety of ways, and is strong and difficult to hurt. Apparently he works for the Unbeholden, although no one has had the opportunity to question him so far.

Techmaster was a special effects man turned supervillain who was horribly maimed when Ghost Lad phased his hands into a lightning machine. He lost both hands, and his face was badly burned. He appears to be a member of Rapture now.

Nick Veccic (formerly Scorpion)
Currently in prison for various crimes, Scorpion had a set of cybernetic attachments, including a stinger tail and claws, that was made for him by mysterious benefactors from "The Bright Cosmos." One of them was a woman called Deathbird. In return, Veccic occasionally acted as muscle for them, but was mostly left to his own devices.

The Warmaster (Qth-raq)
Although  the team has been forced to work with Warmaster Qth-raq, the former military dictator of Dimension Q's version of Earth is clearly a bit of a jerk. Magi, in particular, hates him for murdering his family when he was child. Qth-raq may or may not have powers of his own, but seems to rely on high-tech armor and weapons.

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