Friday, October 24, 2014

Diverted by Deathbird

Part II of The Prosperity Problem
Featuring: Captain Scrappy, Land Shark, Magi

Upon receiving Magi's message, Scrappy picked up Land Shark and flew across town to help, leaving only some nameless non-player characters to guard the storage facility. Okay, maybe one of them had a name, but nobody remembers it.

As soon as they were within sight of the observatory, Deathbird leaped into the air and flew towards them. A javelin seemed to expand out of nothing in her hand, which she threw it at Scrappy. Scrappy ducked the javelin and used the same motion to get to the street and drop off Land Shark. Magi burst into flames and jumped for Deathbird while Scrappy charged back into the air. Both attacks missed.

Several aerial maneuvers and a few injuries later, Land Shark entered the fray, using his earth control power to hurl an enormous chunk of the street into the air at Deathbird. Even Deathbird's phenomenal maneuvering skill wasn't quite enough this time, and she got clipped by the edge of the meteor as she tried to fly clear. Unfortunately, Scrappy, who was also in the giant street-chunk's path, was not so lucky. He was nailed by it, and his attempt to dodge sent him spinning into a nearby apartment building. The asphalt asteroid, on the other hand, arced a little further and crushed the local Elk's Lodge.

Captain Scrappy clambered free of the rubble and hurled a desk at Deathbird. She continued to dodge furniture and flame-leaps and meteoric real estate for a few more minutes and threw some more javelins, then paused, cocked her head, and looked at something on her wrist. Turning back to the heroes, she said, "It has been a pleasure teaching you the basics of aerial combat, friends, but my job is done here." With that, she flew away.

Later, while rescuing injured bystanders and trying to clear the worst of the rubble, the heroes got word that the storage facility had been raided by armored thugs and, among a lot of other things, Scorpion's gear had been stolen.

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