Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oh, What a Night

Featuring: Disco, Land Shark, Magi, Torpedo

The heroes were somewhat awkwardly introduced to Disco, a flamboyant hero whose rainbow aura could be both dazzling and mesmerizing. As it turned out, Captain Scrappy had sent him to join the team. Or something. Doesn't matter – he's in.

Before heading out to Ocelot Bay, the team decided to investigate that "Wentworth's" lead from the end of last session. First, they went incognito just to check it out. Well, sort of incognito. Torpedo wore a robe with only a green speedo underneath. Magi's powers came from his cool-looking but bulky equipment, so he just used an overcoat to cover it up. Disco wore the same sparkly costume but removed his cape and mask. Land Shark was probably the least conspicuous in a sweater with fins and a shark-mouth hood.

Wentworth's consisted of a consignment shop, which was open regular hours, and an auction house, which was open sporadically for auctions. There were two guards watching the door from the shop to the auction hall and one standing at the front door going outside from the shop. Torpedo headed for the two guards in the back and distracted them by pestering them with odd, possibly Atlantean, behavior. Land Shark talked to the shop clerk while Disco approached the front door guard. Magi kept an eye on the group as a whole in case of trouble. 

Disco's mark was the most productive. He got the unusually buff guard to check out something outside, then dazzled him with his emotion-controlling lightshow, scoring not only information, but a date. The information he got wasn't quite enough, though, so they decided to check out the regular auction that night. Magi and Torpedo noticed a few people who weren't bidding, so Torpedo sidled up to one of them and pretended to also be waiting for the "real" auction. A few sly misdirections later, the group had enough information to show up at the right time and get into the black market auction.

Torpedo put on a nice suit for the event, but refused to wear shoes. He did attempt to paint fake ones over his feet with shoe polish. Just back from his date with the guard, Disco was wearing civilian clothes - really tight civilian clothes. Magi, of course, had little choice but to stick with his overcoat, and Land Shark didn't see anything wrong with his hoodie. At the auction, they sat through several odd supervillain-y items, including a mummy previously owned by mob boss and dabbler in mystical mad science, Joe Cassanelli. Several known supervillains were there, including Firetemple, an employee of the infamous Lizard Moll who nevertheless often worked with Citrus Shocker and Captain Scrappy.

The auction was being conducted by what appeared to be Plague Dog, but a quick call to headquarters confirmed that their prisoner from the island was still in jail. There was no way to be certain which, if either of these two was the real Plague Dog.

Disco decided to look for a back office and headed that way under the guise of looking for a restroom. Almost immediately, he came back, reporting that he had found nothing interesting. Actually, a villain called Putty had duplicated his appearance and slipped past him while he was in the office. The real Disco dug around and found some useful information in the office before he was attacked by a humanoid mass of carbon slurry called Tar Pit. Disco yelled for help and the others were off to join him, Magi first by way of his newly named "Magi Meteor" maneuver.

Somewhat farther back in line, Land Shark found himself suddenly under attack from behind by Putty. After an initial attempt to pummel him into unconsciousness with her stretchy fists, she said, "try your own power on for size" and conjured up a gigantic earthen cobra, the size of which surprised not only the terrified auction-goers, but Putty herself. Land Shark heroically stood his ground, took control of the cobra, and turned it on its creator, who barely jumped clear as it arced through the ceiling and back down into the auction house seats.

Meanwhile, Magi had partially set fire to Tar Pit and Torpedo was getting his fists all gloppy. Disco managed to fly free and dazzle Tar Pit, so everyone got clear while he flailed around. Putty, not liking the odds, declared that she always bounced back and super-leaped out through the open space that used to be the roof. Land Shark encased Tar Pit in a giant urn. Disco and Magi chased after Putty, but, one rocky fist later, Disco was unconscious and plummeting to the ground, and Magi was busy keeping him from going splat. When that was all settled, Putty was gone.

Looking around the crumbling remnants of the auction house, Magi said, "They call us the Scrap Pile because that's all that's left when we're done."

After arguing for a while over the best way to get across Lake Mohawk to Ontario, Torpedo and Disco went ahead under their own power while Magi and Land Shark took the boat they confiscated last time. Scouting out the area, they found a couple of warehouses with a smaller building nearby and a control tower of some sort higher up on the slope. Several uniformed guards patrolled the area, and a couple more of Plague Dog's Mutts were spotted as well.

And that's it for this session. Tune in next week for the exciting… well, it might be the conclusion. We'll see.

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