Monday, January 11, 2016


With a giant shadow-pterodactyl between them and the Nexus (see last session), the Scrap Pile dove in and attacked.

It didn't take long to figure out that, being made of darkness, Deathwing was really hard to hurt with physical attacks (like Land Shark's fists) but was vulnerable to light. Disco was all set. Magi took a moment to adapt his flame vents to burn brighter in the visible spectrum at the expense of heat.

As they dodged beak-strikes and continued to wear away at the creature, Professor Hemm was drained by a tail-swipe and seriously injured. As he lost consciousness, he was transformed into a fiendish yellow and green man-beast who spoke in rhyme, the Goblin. Luckily, Goblin was formidable in hand-to-hand combat and proceeded to tear into Deathwing. Disco finally cranked up his searing aura and flew directly into Deathwing's heart, dispersing it.

The shadowy remnants of Deathwing's body reformed into human-sized shadow mantas, which renewed their attacks, but the team was able to eventually destroy these as well.

This left them in charge of the undefended Nexus, but Professor Hemm, who was carrying the Pillar of Universes and had been expected to activate it, was gone. In his place was unpredictably violent Goblin. It took some cajoling and some Disco-magic (which almost backfired because Goblin had his own ideas about how you treat people you like) to get the Pillar away from him.

Magi then had to improvise a ritual, but succeeded spectacularly with a rhyme of his own. The Nexus was sealed. The inter-dimensional war had, for the most part, been cooled to suspicious animosity and the portal through which their misdirected energies were passing was closed. Except for the small matter of Baron Karza being in charge of a space station orbiting Earth, the day was saved.

Oh, and we played on Tom's (Capt. Scrappy/Torpedo/Goblin) birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ELVISMAS, TOM!

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