Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Giant Size Scrap Pile #4

Due to a fire at the printer's warehouse, this anniversary issue was never formally released to the public. Supposedly, a few copies did escape and are high-dollar items on the collectors' market, but the authenticity of these has been called into question and the entire creative team is in hiding. In chronicling the adventure, therefore, we have only rumors to go on.

Dreadknight was involved, although some sources insist that he was actually a re-skinned B Team villain. Firefall was also there. Somehow those two were manipulated into luring the heroes back to the lair of a "Doctor Rachel Sweet" who turned out to be an old enemy from the previous anniversary special. She set the Destroyer loose on them and there was a great deal of mayhem. In the end they defeated the Destroyer but Sweet escaped.

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