Monday, June 19, 2017

These Dreams

Here are the dreams from Giant Size Scrap Pile #3, unedited from the messages I sent to the players. I used their super-hero names in the text instead of the fake history names because they had these descriptions before they knew they were going to be brainwashed.

Everybody but Disco got these instructions: Here's some stuff for the next Scrap Pile session.‭ ‬This is a dream your character will have at some point in the game.‭ ‬I'm sending‭ ‬it to you now so you can relay it in conversation to the others in character rather than having me take over to cram it into the narrative.‭ ‬I'll tell you when it's okay to share it.‭ ‬Before that,‭ ‬don't mention anything about it to the others.

Coach Dorian Chalice (Torpedo)
The four of you are all there,‭ ‬but you don't have super-powers.‭ ‬You do‭ ‬have funky high-tech suits like in the old Steranko Agents of Shield comics.‭ ‬Your current mission is underwater,‭ ‬so you have bubble helmets with big air hoses and propeller-jet backpacks.‭ ‬There's a gigantic cyber-turtle waking up in the depths,‭ ‬and you're‭ ‬trying to prevent it from rising,‭ ‬somehow.‭ ‬Partway down,‭ ‬you realize that all the others are‭ ‬synthezoid‭ ‬infiltrators and suddenly you're afraid that maybe you are too.‭ ‬Then‭ ‬all the water disappears.‭ ‬With nothing to support you,‭ ‬the whole team falls to its death.

Quint Brody (Land Shark)
The four of you are on a ship that sails on a sea of sand.‭ ‬You're the first mate,‭ ‬with Disco up in the crow's nest and Torpedo in charge of something below-decks.‭ ‬Magi is an Ahab-like captain,‭ ‬totally obsessed with his prey,‭ ‬a giant sand-swimming shark that bit his leg off in a previous encounter.‭ ‬Disco has just caught sight of it when the dream starts.‭ ‬The pursuit ends in disaster when it turns and wrecks the ship.‭ ‬You fall into the sand,‭ ‬which sucks you under and smothers you,‭ ‬and then you wake up.

Algernon Touchshriek (Magi)
The four of you are scientists who do more exploring than villain-punching.‭ ‬This time,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬you find yourselves fighting your way through a horde of cybernetic ape-men.‭ ‬Then you're in a world of giant insect-like creatures.‭ ‬They're intelligent,‭ ‬living in a huge,‭ ‬weird-looking city.‭ ‬They're not too fond of tiny visitors,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬One of them sees you and sprays you with something like bug spray‭ (‬mammal spray‭?)‬.‭ ‬Disco gets hit dead on and is tossed up into the air like a leaf.‭ ‬Land Shark tries to run into some kind of mouse-hole,‭ ‬but doesn't make it.‭ ‬The spray reacts with your equipment and you catch fire.‭ ‬Then you wake up.

And of course Disco's dream was played out by the whole team to open the adventure.


  1. Good stuff. Just showed up here (via a link at Comic Madness), so maybe this has been covered already, but what the heck: how much of this is pre-plotted?

    1. The way I run this is pretty close to traditional role-playing games. I come up with the situations and a general idea of where things could go, and then set the players loose on it. I did write all this dream stuff in advance, because that was one of the first things to happen in the session and it was one of the ways I let them know what was happening. The only one of the dreams that was actually played out was the one Disco had where they fought the Alice in Wonderland characters.