Saturday, July 14, 2018


As everybody got back to Scrapbase and Fire of Saturn was digging into the Hornetroid specs they brought back, the news aired some blogger's footage of the Scrapjet crashing into the drug factory. Not much was known, but the plane was recognized, and (Broccoli) Mangod was looking for answers. Torpedo repeated the line that it was just a bunch of drones, but, after the call, it soon became clear that there had been more serious casualties. While they were discussing it, though, the Negative Zone portal alarm went off.

There was a crazy wind coming through the portal, and a bunch of antrons crawling around eating metal stuff. Fire of Saturn iced over the portal to stop the wind and they dispatched the antrons. Then the ice shattered and a disheveled Magi appeared. He stepped through and easily closed the portal with a gadget. He wasn't happy with Disco.

Apparently, Magi had been hanging out with some drug addicts who, in order to support their habit, were involved with the same operation Disco and Landshark had bombed. Some of them had been there when Disco crashed the Scrapjet into the facility. There were arguments, stuff like, "Where was this iron fist of justice when we fought Qth-raq?" came out. Finally, Disco got mad too and took a swing at Magi.

In response, Magi hulked out just like the other MUT-8 users. They fought. Although he put up a good fight against the whole team, Magi went down and turned human again. As they were getting ready to restrain him, though, he winked and faded into another dimension. 

Disco said he'd had enough and was leaving the team. Torpedo, without condoning Disco's murder spree, wanted to try and work things out. Landshark really wanted him to stay, period. Fire of Saturn had wandered off again. Disco would hear none of it, although he did send Landshark an email later, recommending a potential replacement, a telekinetic called Eye Candy.

Torpedo and Landshark interviewed Eye Candy and found him acceptable.

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